CPE Disposable Isolation Gown Factory Price EXW

We give back by donating and making protection affordable, offering lower price than other suppliers in China or worldwide. 

Our Product

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  • Model photos taken by iPhone with no editing no filter
  • Model is a real worker in the factory can be seen in video at 00:28

About Us

Who Are We

  • We are the source manufacturer of CPE disposable isolation gown with 130 employees and 4 factories located in Wuhu city, Anhui Province in China, producing PPE products - CPE disposable isolation gown, masks,, covers, and protective gears. As well as disposable poly products - Plastic bags, plastic apron, rain coat, rain boots, coat covers, plastic sheets and packaging products.
  • Founded by twin brothers highly experienced in quality manufacturing, along with a tech production expert and an award winning marketer. We launched ProGown to provide CPE gowns with the lowest rate in the market, China or worldwide.

Why Choose Us

  • Lowest Price
    Our way of protecting the world is making protection products affordable and available to all by lowering our profit, offering CPE disposable isolation gowns with the lowest price - 0.38USD/Piece EXW
  • Professional Project Management & Production Team.
    We handle manufacturer onsite management with full inspection reports.
  • 24/7/365 Bilingual Live Chat Support
    Professional english speaking account service manage entire project and send image/video checkpoints for confirmation.
  • Charity
    When you order from us, we will give a percentage for charity. We've already donated to several schools in China and hospitals in Shanghai. 
    For existing or future clients, If you are a hospital or government organization, please talk to us before you place the order, we'd be glad to a personal donate to your cause.

Charity Donation

  • Petrochemical Community Health Center, JinShan District, Shanghai, China
  • HanTing District Yi Street Elementary School, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China
  • 17 hospitals in San Francisco and rest of America


Our CPE isolation gowns are NON medical grade.

FDA Registration Certificate 

Our products have passed the IST test for Hydrostatic Pressure and Impact Penetration test, HPA test for being toxic and chemical free. On the process of getting FDA. 

 We export to the US and Europe daily with our current certifications.  


Get In Touch

Email will be replied within 1 day by our founder. 

We’re online 24/7, start a chat with us anytime.

ProGown will always be your best source for disposable  isolation gowns, PPE products, plastic bags, poly products, as well as your best partner for importing from China.